Handbuch cover small 150Die Integration impliziter und expliziter Verarbeitungsweisen im Psychotherapieprozess, insbesondere die Einbeziehung des Körpers, steht im Zentrum der aktuellen Debatte. Der vorliegende Sammelband enthält dazu eine Auswahl von Beiträgen aus der Bioenergetischen Analyse, die von klassischen Arbeiten der 80er Jahre (nach Lowen) bis hin zu aktuellen Theoriebeiträgen und Fallstudien reichen. Die neueren Artikel knüpfen an die Konzepte der relationalen Psychoanalyse, die Ergebnisse der Emotions-, Säuglings- und Bindungsforschung sowie der Neurobiologie an. Themenschwerpunkte des Buches sind das Selbst in Beziehung zu anderen, Sexualität und Liebe, Trauma, Psychosomatik sowie die konzeptuelle Diskussion des therapeutischen Geschehens. Studien zur Wirksamkeit der Bioenergetischen Analyse und der Körperpsychotherapie im Allgemeinen runden das Spektrum ab.

Dieses Buch richtet sich an körperpsychotherapeutische, analytische und tiefenpsychologische Kolleginnen und Kollegen und kommt dem zunehmenden Interesse nach einer Integration des Körpers in die Psychotherapie entgegen.

Handbook cover small 150Content:

This book is a selection of articles from Bioenergetic Analysis, that range from classical studies written in the Eighties (following Lowen) up to current theoretical contributions and case studies. The more recent articles connect the concepts of relational psychoanalysis with the findings from emotion and infant research, attachment theory as well as neurobiology. The integration of implicit knowing and the importance for including the body in the therapy process is evident in these articles.

The articles demonstrate the broad spectrum of the prevailing concepts and profound therapeutic modalities of Bioenergetic Analysis. Case studies illustrate the concepts and provide practical relevance.

Central themes of the book are: the Self in relation with others, sexuality and love, trauma, psychosomatics as well as the conceptual discussion of the therapeutic process. Studies on effectiveness of Bioenergetic Analysis and body psychotherapy in general complete the spectrum.

journal 28 2018

1. Letter from the Editor

2. Historical and Contemporary Psychoanalytic and Bioenergetic Perspectives of Sexuality

Lets Bring it Back into the Therapy Room 

-Helen Resneck-Sannes-

3. The Mysterious Life Energy

On the Validity of the Bioenergetic Concept

-Arild Hafstad-


4. Examining Traumatic Memories

Re-Encoding and Reconsolidation

-Homayoun Shahri-

5. Fleas on the Back of aWild Dog

Five Skulls and Human History

-John Conger-

6. Aggression as a Significant Factor in the Formation and Expression of the Self

-Anat Gihon-

7. Uses of the Sphere as a Motherfied Object in Bioenergetic Analysis

-Julia Cegatti and Leticia Polosecki-

journal 27 2017

Letter from the Editor

lntersubjectivity in the Construction of Boundaries
Between yes and no
- Patrizia Moselli -

Containment, Holding, and Receptivity
  Somatopsychic Challenges
- Scott Baum -

Traumatic Memories
A Neuroscience Perspective
- Homayoun Shahri -

From Body Structure to Bodies in Resonance
Evolution 0f the Therapeutic Relationship in Bloenergetic Analysis
- Fina Pla -

The Borderline Client, Shame and Somatic Counter-Transference
- Ingrid Cryns -


journal 26 2016

Letter from the Editor

Polyvagal Theory
Introduction for Somatic Psychotherapy
- Vincentia Schroeter -

On Falling, Holding, and Grounding
- Gerald Periman -

Elements of Comprehending Change-Processes in BA From Isolated Self-Regulation to Interactive Regulation:
Embodied Resonance (Empathy) and Physical Encounter
- Joerg Clauer -

The Alchemy of Ground
- John Conger -

Searching for Active Factors in Diverse Approaches to Psychotherapy
Types of Intervention and Temporal Aspects
Brief Research Report
- Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Aureliano Crameri, Peter Schulthess, Agnes von Wyl & Voiker Tschuschke-

Body Resonance and the Voice
- Vita Heinrich-Clauer -


journal 1 to 4What Is Bioenergetic Analysis?
Alexander Lowen

Two Brief Essays
Alexander Lowen

Un Moment Therapeutique Priviligie
Jacques Berliner

J--: A Brief Note on Work With a Borderline Patient
Peter Bruce

The Individual in the Couple: Fusion
Philip M. Helfaer

A Case of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Jack McIntyre

Movement and Exploration of the True Self
Lynne Parsons

Perversion: The Struggle Between God and the Devil
Joyce Silver

A Psychosomatic Case Vignette
Ed Svasta

- Review -
Narcissism: Denial of the True Self,
by Alexander Lowen
An Appreciation,
by Frederick A. Braucher

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