Brazil - Bioenergetics Applied in Social Clinics [EN] ♦

The socializing service, has as its main objective to make possible to the most destituted people from the society have access to psychotherapy in its several applications: children, adolescent and adults
in groups as well as individually.

Nowadays, this kind of service, basically, well-founded in the Bioenergetic Analysis, enlarges itself into a focus upon the prevention and manteinance of the biopsychosocial health.

The work is related to pregnant women, companies, and schools, by means of the use of Bioenergetics exercises that help people to deal in a healthier way with the stresses of today’s world and to keep themselves groundings, centered and alive.

In the groups, we give focus to the integration, and, through Bioenergetics we work with the competitions, fights to get the power and other phenomena that occur during the process of living together, having in mind a fluent working group, coherent and using not much energy.

Today, we have about 10 psychotherapists tending from 60 to 80 people.

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