IIBA Journal - 28 - 2018 [EN] (€)

journal 28 2018

1. Letter from the Editor

2. Historical and Contemporary Psychoanalytic and Bioenergetic Perspectives of Sexuality

Lets Bring it Back into the Therapy Room 

-Helen Resneck-Sannes-

3. The Mysterious Life Energy

On the Validity of the Bioenergetic Concept

-Arild Hafstad-


4. Examining Traumatic Memories

Re-Encoding and Reconsolidation

-Homayoun Shahri-

5. Fleas on the Back of aWild Dog

Five Skulls and Human History

-John Conger-

6. Aggression as a Significant Factor in the Formation and Expression of the Self

-Anat Gihon-

7. Uses of the Sphere as a Motherfied Object in Bioenergetic Analysis

-Julia Cegatti and Leticia Polosecki-

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