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Achtsam und vital U Sollmann 2017 cover

Author: Ulrich Sollmann

Sollmann Einfuhrung in KorperspracheAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

Body-language is like a forgotten mother-tongue: Everyone can speak, but only a few can really “read”. Popular training and popular books refer in a too simple i.e. technical way to this issue. Whereas this book mainly is based on the concept of Bioenergetic Analysis
Ulrich Sollmann’s book focuses especially on the interplay of personal experience and the observer’s awareness and recognition. The language of the body insofar connects the experience of the related people. This means: body-language and nonverbal communication always is: Expression and impression. Body-language is an interactive communicative dialogue which is embedded in a cultural and social context.

2013, Carl-Auer-Verlag, Heidelberg

Sollmann Management by korperManagement by Körper - Körpersprache Bioenergetik Stressbewältigung

Author: Ulrich Sollmann

Stress management and regeneration are basic human requirements, which help to be successful under the intense demands of daily life and of the straining job. At the same time they help to feel personally relaxed and inspired. All this is based on the careful and specific analysis of one´s own stress-profile. The author points out:
•    Stress in daily life and the function of stress,
•    A stress-modell as melange of personality, patterns of behaviour and the influence of the setting,
•    The bioenergetic approach to analyse and to understand the personal stress-profile,
•    A unique concept of exercises which are mostly based on the bioenergetic analysis of Alexander Lowen ( more than 150 excercises, most of them are illustrated by photos ).
1.    Gymnastics for the soul: ( 14 pages )
2.    Bioenergetics: ( 123 pages )
3.    Stress-Modell: ( 18 pages )
4.    Expression of the body and personality: ( 13 pages )
5.    Stress-profile and bodylanguage: ( 43 pages )

4th edition - 1999, RoRoRo Verlag, Hambur

Sollmann Schaulauf der MachtigenAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

Sollmann’s book “Media Scenario of politicians” – Body-language of politicians” is the first book in German related to the interplay of media-scenario and the politician as person with his behaviour pattern. Sollmann does a deep, sensitive and professional analysis of each member of the German government related to the media-scenario and the person’s body-language and his behaviour-patterns.

1995, Knaur Verlag, München

Sollmann Begierige VerboteAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

Sollmann’s book „Begierige Verbote“ is related to sexual abuse, Body-Psychotherapy and shame in relationship. It offers a very personal insight into what happens in a body-psychotherapy session which is characterized by concepts and practice of the Bioenergetic Analysis. He relates to the clients, he relates to what body-psychotherapy is and how it works and he relates to himself as a therapist and his personal experience as a person and related to the transference-level. It’s a very sensitive book which really respects, and which shows how important it is to respect the damaged and painful souls and bodies of people. It is remarkable insofar as it is the first book in German language where a bioenergetic therapist opens up himself so much in the way how he himself is involved in the process of therapy, in how far he is touched especially on the body level and how client and therapist encounter on the body level always being in touch with shame and its function.

1994, Orell Füssli Verlag, Zürich

Sollmann Worte Sind MaskeAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

Sollmann’s book „Words are a mask” is the first book published in German that relates to the issue of men’s identity and intimacy. Sollmann shows a deep and very specific insight in the field of male experience, male relationships, male’s body, men in body-psychotherapy and men in daily life, in family and in the job.
At the same time the book is a very personal approach to the issue.

1993, RoRoRo Verlag, Hamburg

Sollmann Bioenergetik in der praxisAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann

This is the practical book related to Alexander Lowen’s book “Bioenergetics”. Ulrich Sollmann was asked to give an introduction into the field of self-awareness, self-regulation as personal experience and development on the base of Bioenergetic Exercises. Sollmann’s book is a very important and helpful supplement and counterpart to Lowen’s book.

2nd edition, 1992, RoRoRo Verlag, Hamburg

Sollmann Bioenergetische AnalyseAuthor: Ulrich Sollmann, CBT, Germany

This is the first book on Bioenergetic Analysis in German where you’ll find unique and very specific articles of the founder generation of Bioenergetic Analysis.
Ulrich Sollmann knows all of them and has brought these colleagues together in order to ground scientifically the Bioenergetic Analysis by case studies and working concepts already more than 35 years ago.

1984, Synthesis Verlag, Essen

This list of German's Bioenergetic Analysis literature is provided courtesy of NIBA, North Germany BA society, and has been gathered along times by Ulrich Sollmann.

NIBA Literature

Vortrag für den Kongress des International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis,.2013 auf Sizilien
(Lecture presented on the IIBA - Conference in Palermo, Sicily, 2013)

Author: Rainer Mahr

According to the bioenergetic concepts everything that happens in the human psyche expresses itself in the body. That means it happens with biological, chemical and physiological processes and it can be influenced by physical interventions. If this theory is true then these processes must be described in biological categories and must comply with them.
This paper tries to describe Bioenergetic Analysis from the biological point of view. The biological processes are seen as the base, as the grounding of bioenergetic concepts.
The biological processes are not described in detail but somewhat like a blueprint to understand a little bit more what is going on in body psychotherapeutic work.

Vollständiger Text (German): ... Folgen Sie diesem Link !
Full text (English): ... Follow this link !

Handbuch cover small 150Die Integration impliziter und expliziter Verarbeitungsweisen im Psychotherapieprozess, insbesondere die Einbeziehung des Körpers, steht im Zentrum der aktuellen Debatte. Der vorliegende Sammelband enthält dazu eine Auswahl von Beiträgen aus der Bioenergetischen Analyse, die von klassischen Arbeiten der 80er Jahre (nach Lowen) bis hin zu aktuellen Theoriebeiträgen und Fallstudien reichen. Die neueren Artikel knüpfen an die Konzepte der relationalen Psychoanalyse, die Ergebnisse der Emotions-, Säuglings- und Bindungsforschung sowie der Neurobiologie an. Themenschwerpunkte des Buches sind das Selbst in Beziehung zu anderen, Sexualität und Liebe, Trauma, Psychosomatik sowie die konzeptuelle Diskussion des therapeutischen Geschehens. Studien zur Wirksamkeit der Bioenergetischen Analyse und der Körperpsychotherapie im Allgemeinen runden das Spektrum ab.

Dieses Buch richtet sich an körperpsychotherapeutische, analytische und tiefenpsychologische Kolleginnen und Kollegen und kommt dem zunehmenden Interesse nach einer Integration des Körpers in die Psychotherapie entgegen.

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