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“Surrendering to the body and his feelings is surrendering to love. Love is not about giving, but about being open. This opening needs to occur to the own Self first though, and only then to the other.” Alexander Lowen
Fotos da publicação de IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis) Super Offer for Clinical Journals and Readers (Handbook)
We’re getting really excited as the countdown continues to our 25th IIBA International Conference on May 22 - 26, 2019!
This year we're offering pre-order of past editions of our Clinical Journal: ...
Tempted to attend the 25th IIBA International Conference? ⏱ Time’s running out to register!
Register today and join us in Torres Vedras (Portugal)!
✒ Registration:
ℹ️More information:
Psicocorporalidad. Repensar la clinica desde el análisis bioenergético Seminario introductorio al Análisis Bioenergetico dictado por docentes egresados del IAAB y organizado por la Secretaria de Extensión Universitaria de la Facultad de Psicología (UBA)
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
SIAB - Società Italiana di Analisi Bioenergetica Anche quest'anno a maggio ci sarà la Primavera Bioenergetica a Roma.
Tante iniziative gratuite per voi.
Per informazioni e prenotazioni potete chiamare al 3803726708 oppure scrivere a
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Société Québécoise d'Analyse Bioénergétique Activité de formation continue en analyse bioénergétique. Inscrivez-vous maintenant et épargnez -
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Sobab Neste dia 15 de abril estamos comemorando os 63 anos de criação do IIBA International Institute for Bioethic Analysis. Saudamos a todos os nossos colegas Analistas Bioenergeticos.
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Análisis Bioenergético Valencia Taller de Psicoterapia de Análisis Bioenergético.
Lugar: Col.legi Oficial de Psicologia
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Fotos da publicação de IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis) VITAL - VIBRANT - EMOTIONAL - 36 years of SGfBA
Our affiliated local society SGfBA (Süddeutsche Gesellschaft für Bioenergetische Analyse) will celebrate their 36 years of existence and professional work from October 11 to 13, 2019.
When: October 11 - ...
Alexander Lowen: Evolution of Psychotherapy - Die sprache des korpers lesen - 2°parte Alexander Lowen - Lettura del linguaggio corporeo Eine Aufzeichnung vom Kongress "Evolution of Psychotherapy" Hamburg 27-31 luglio 1994 Die sprache des korpe...
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Summer Workshops by Robert Lewis
These small work/playshops (for four to six people) take place at a magnificent seaside setting - 1.5 hours from the two New York airports and two hours from Manhattan.
Each participant receives an individual session ...
Vibrare Mais uma CBT no Vibrare.
Isabela Branco parabéns pela sua conquista.
Estamos em festa!
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Download your copy of our latest Newsletter now:
Table of contents:
1. Letter from the President, Diana Guest
2. Board of Trustees Meeting - March 2019
3. Newsletter Translation Support
4. Connecting before the 25th IIBA International Conference
5. ...
News about the Clinical Journal of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (2019) Volume 29. The English Version is being printed and will be sent to our Members soon.
1. Modesty versus Shame - Identity Building through Nature, Personal ...
📰 News about our 25th IIBA International Conference:
Our first 2 Pre-Conference Workshops are fully booked. Nevertheless, we want to give everyone the opportunity to attend a Pre-Conference Workshop.
We are happy to announce another Pre-Conference Workshop, well aligned to ... We welcome NIBI to our global Bioenergetic Community! During our last BoT Meeting (March 6-9, 2019) we officially accepted the *Norsk Institutt for Bioenergetikk NIBI* as a new IIBA Affiliated Local Society.
We want to thank the NIBI Board
➡️Arild ...
Sobab Parabéns Ana Lucia Faria! A Sobab está em festa! É com muita alegria e orgulho que informamos a todos os membros e amigos que Ana Lucia Faria completou todos os quesitos e recebeu o título de International Trainer fazendo parte ...
The IIBA says thank you to all amazing women.
📣Happy International Women's Day!
Fotos da publicação de IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis) Join us in welcoming our new International Faculty Member: Ana Lúcia Faria from SOBAB (Sociedade Brasileira de Análise Bioenergética, Brazil)
Picture nº1: from left to right: Scott Baum, Ana Lúcia Faria and Diana Guest
Picture n2: from left to ...
Bioenergetica Argentina - IAAB Formaciones abiertas para profesionales de la salud y las ciencias sociales como también del campo de lo corporal, el arte, la educación y personas interesadas en el desarrollo personal a través de la exploración psicocorporal. Los esperamos!
#bioenergeticargentina #bioenergetica #bioenergeticanalysis
IIBA 2018 - 25th IIBA International Conference You can't afford to miss this year's conference!
Register before February 28, 2019:
IIBA Members: 387 EUR
IIBA Trainees: 257 EUR
Non-Members: 507 EUR
More details about our
1. Training Days
2. Pre-Conference Workshops
3. Plenary Sessions:
More ...
Comunidade Departamento de Atenção Básica #IIBA#
#PUBLICAÇÃO | A CNPIC está produzindo uma série de materiais muito bacana. “Conhecendo as práticas integrativas e complementares em saúde” tem o objetivo de divulgar cada uma das PICS. Com uma abordagem que permite aos gestores, profissionais da saúde ...
Polskie Stowarzyszenie Analizy Bioenergetycznej Working With Pre-and Perinatal Issues in Bioenergetic Analysis
Our deepest impressions, expectations and beliefs concerning the world and our first relationships stem from our prenatal time in the womb of our mother, from the way we were born and from ...
PICS: Análise Bioenergética - Ligado em Saúde Ligado em Saúde - PICS: Análise Bioenergética: em mais um programa da série especial sobre Práticas Integrativas e Complementares no SUS, as PICS, o Ligado e...
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Sobab #IIBA#
Neste último sábado, dia 16/02 tivemos o Workshop Teórico vivencial: Como a Análise Bioenergética pode ajudar com o stress? PARABÉNS a Maria do Rosário rosa e Claudia Rodrigues Câmara que facilitaram este auspicioso evento.
IIBA(International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis)
Be on the lookout for our detailed program about all our Afternoon Workshops & Lectures! The program is nearly complete.
25th IIBA International Conference:
Not registered yet? There’s still time!
Online registration is available through April 30. Click here to register for the 25th IIBA International Conference.
Already registered? We will announce our Afternoon Workshops Program soon!
See you in 95 days!
The Alexander Lowen Foundation The Alexander Lowen Foundation is pleased to bring you Movement and Feeling in Sex, a rare text by Alexander Lowen, M.D. from 1961, which provides an in-depth perspective on love, pleasure, and sex that is still highly relevant today.
Available ...
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