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Therapist Effects on Treatment Outcome in Psychotherapy: A Multilevel Modelling Analysis
Berglar, J., Crameri, A., von Wyl, A., Koemeda-Lutz, M., Köhler, M., Staczan, P., Schulthess, P. & Tschuschke, V. (2016).
Download PDF: http://www.psychotherapieforschung.ch/downloads/2016_2_7_Berglar-IJP_.pdf

Sensitivity analysis in multiple imputation in effectiveness studies of psychotherapy.
Crameri, A., von Wyl, A., Koemeda-Lutz, M., Schulthess, P. & Tschuschke, V. (2015).
Front. Psychol., 27 July 2015
Online version: http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2015.01042

The Brief Symptom Inventory and the Outcome Questionnaire-45 in the Assessment of the Outcome Quality of Mental Health Interventions
Crameri, A., Schuetz, C., Andreae, A., Koemeda-Lutz, M., Schulthess, P., Tschuschke, V. & von Wyl, A. (2016).
Psychiatry Journal, Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 7830785, 14 pages
Online version: http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2016/7830785
Online version: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/psychiatry/2016/7830785/

What do Human Bodies Tell us? In Search of Statistically Significant Empirical Confirmation for “The Language of the Body”. A Study in Bioenergetic Body Diagnostics.
Koemeda-Lutz M & Peter H (2001).
Bioenergetic Analysis – The Clinical Journal of the IIBA 2002, 13 (1) 77-94. Original Paper: Psychotherapie Forum 2001 (9) 51-61.

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Body Psychotherapy in Outpatient Settings. A Multi-Center Study in Germany and Switzerland.
Koemeda-Lutz M., Kaschke, M.,Revenstorf, D.,Scherrmann, T.,Weiss, H. und Soeder, U. (2006).
Pp. 513 – 532 in: Heinrich V (2011, Ed.) Handbook Bioenergetic Analysis. Original Paper in: Psychotherapie, Psychosomatik, Medizinische Psychologie PPmP 56: 480-487
Online version: www.thieme.de/ppmp

A Organização Pan-Americana da Saúde (OPAS/OMS no Brasil) é um organismo internacional de saúde pública com um século de experiência, dedicado a melhorar as condições de saúde dos países das Américas. A integração às Nações Unidas acontece quando a entidade se torna o Escritório Regional para as Américas da Organização Mundial da Saúde. A OPAS/OMS também faz parte dos sistemas da Organização dos Estados Americanos (OEA) e da Organização das Nações Unidas (ONU).

A Organização exerce um papel fundamental na melhoria de políticas e serviços públicos de saúde, por meio da transferência de tecnologia e da difusão do conhecimento acumulado por meio de experiências produzidas nos Países-Membros, um trabalho de cooperação internacional promovido por técnicos e cientistas vinculados à OPAS/OMS, especializados em epidemiologia, saúde e ambiente, recursos humanos, comunicação, serviços, controle de zoonoses, medicamentos e promoção da saúde.

O Programa de práticas populares tem relação com o mundo próximo à natureza. As práticas populares ficam associadas a um estilo de vida próximo a contracultura de 1960. Como alternativas de cuidado de si. A Medicina alternativa ganha força em 1960. O debate da medicalização ganha potencia com a chegada da medicina alternativa. 

A Medicina integrativa trás a construção de um paradigma que se construa com o principio da inclusividade. Trazer para dentro a diferença e se construir incluindo a diferença.
- Anos 70 – O que era popular ganha o nome de alternativo
- Anos 80 – Alternativo ganha o nome de complementar
- Nos anos 2000 começa a proposta de pensar o paradigma integrativo que busca integrar essas práticas.

Prestar atenção básica para nossa sobrevivência.  O casamento das praticas integrativas na atenção básica é um modelo brasileiro, que está sendo copiado em outros países.

Em maio de 2006, com a publicação da Política Nacional de Práticas Integrativas e Complementares no SUS – PNPIC-SUS, o Ministério da Saúde deu mais um passo para a expansão da pluralidade na saúde brasileira.
A Análise Bioenergética já começa a ser incluída em alguns estados brasileiros nas PICs (Práticas Integrativas e complementares). Isso demonstra um reconhecimento da eficácia da Análise Bioenergética na saúde preventiva e restauradora.

Seguem abaixo os trabalhos sociais que estão sendo realizados pelas sociedades filiadas a FLAAB.


Lecture presented on the IIBA - Conference in Palermo, Sicily, 2013
(Vortrag für den Kongress des International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis,.2013 auf Sizilien)

Author: Rainer Mahr

According to the bioenergetic concepts everything that happens in the human psyche expresses itself in the body. That means it happens with biological, chemical and physiological processes and it can be influenced by physical interventions. If this theory is true then these processes must be described in biological categories and must comply with them.
This paper tries to describe Bioenergetic Analysis from the biological point of view. The biological processes are seen as the base, as the grounding of bioenergetic concepts.
The biological processes are not described in detail but somewhat like a blueprint to understand a little bit more what is going on in body psychotherapeutic work.

Full text (English): ... Follow this link !
Vollständiger Text (German): ... Folgen Sie diesem Link !

In German: (translation) "Energie und Identiät"

Author: Rainer Mahr

In (English version): Rome, May 95, Body and Identity, First Clinical Congress of the European Federation for Bioenergetic Analysis-Psychotherapy, p.121-134
Also published by: Societa Italiana di Analisi Bioenergetica (SIAB)
Via di Pietralata 147/B
Roma, Italy
Tel. 0039/6/4510309

In (German version): Forum der Bioenergetischen Analyse, Nummber 1 1995, S: 39-52 ISSN 0946-8846

This is my first effort to describe the concept of Bioenergetic Analysis with ideas and concepts of modern physics, biology and physiology.  This seems being necessary for Bioenergetic Analysis uses terms of these sciences to describe bodily processes and shows how to modify them.  But how they are used is not corresponding to their scientific definition.  It is not described what is really going on in the body itself.  I focused on the term of 'energy'.  I try to show how this point of view is able to develop further the bioenergetic concept.  With some ideas of energy from subatomatic level perhaps you can explain with physical and bodily categories the meaing of 'relationship', 'intuition', 'nonverbal communication'.   Processes of transference and countertransference will get a 'physical' body.   The unity of body, soul and mind will find a new base by the term of 'energy'.   The energetic processes on the subatomatic level shows structures similar to those of the mental and psychic ones.

Original title: Migräne und Boenergetische Analyse

Author: Rainer Mahr

In: Der Körper in der Psychotherapie, Dagmar Hoffmann- Axthelm(Hrsg), Transform, 1991,S.1790185  ISBN 3-926692-21-9

Abstract: This is a study of the bioenergetic work with a patient with migraine.

Original title: Das Konzept der Orgonenergie von Wilhelm Reich

Author: Rainer Mahr

In: Forum der Bioenergetischen Analyse, Number 12, p.65-68, ISSN 0946-8846

I show the very serious researches of Reich in biological and physical issues to find out structure and shape of the energy which controls biological and psychic processes of life and human beings.  You can read about the history of how Reich discovered 'orgon energy'.  Do these concepts have any importance in our discussions of today?

Original title: Körperpsychotherapie zwischen Psychoanalyse und Physik

Author: Rainer Mahr

In: Energie und Charakter, Nummer 14, 1996

Publisher: David Boadella, Benhard Maul
Tel: 030 456 3882 Fax 030 622 7801
c/o Thomas Stoehr
Torfstr.25.D - 13353 Berlin
Tel: 030 453 4249

Body psychotherapy shows that psychotherapy altogether is involved with the human organism and its processes.  We only know about psychic phenomenas by its expression of the human body either by talking or by the body itself.   Even comunication with the soul is only possible by processing of the body.

Psychotherapeutic processes are always energetic processes for moder physics says that there is nothing in our universe but energy.  Besides you can show that the human processes of life are energetic processes of regulation.  So, mental and psychic phenomenas would be energetic processes too.

Author: Alice Kahn Ladas, Ed.D., CBT + Harold S. Ladas, Ph.D.

In: The Connecticut Society of Bioenergetic Analysis.

68% of the female therapists, members of the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in 1977, answered a mail questionnaire concerning the effects of Bioenergetic therapy on themselves and their clients.  Although 87% disagreed with one or more of the theories of Bioenergetic Analysis (and were therefore not "true believers"), between 70-89% reported increased capacity for self assertion, greater energy, improved breathing, increased capacity to experience pleasure, improved physical health and self esteem, improvement in sexual functioning and capacity to love and unification of sexual and tender feelings in relationships, diminished chronic muscle tension and greater ability to cope with depression.

Dr. Alice Kahn Ladas
241 Central Park West
New York, NY 19002
Email: Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo.
Phone: (212)873-1067 or (505)471-6791
Fax (212)873-1068

Original title: in German ... - ? -

Author: Dr. Ulrich Gudat

In: Psychotherapie Forum (1997),5: p.28-37

Bioenergetic Analysis as developed by Alexander Lowen can be briefly characterized as a psychotherapeutical method comprising psychoanalytic, body-related energetical, and social systemic aspects.  A post treatment study involving 309 finished outpatient therapies shows that bioenergetic analytical therapy may be applied to a wide range of mental and psychosomatic disorders.  In respect of the effects of the treatment clients gave high change ratings in a standardized change questionnaire (compared with other therapy studies using the same questionnaire.)   The therapists evaluate the results as most positive for some neurotic and for psychosomatic disorders; but also in the case of other mental disorders remarkable improvements are found.  Bioenergetic analysis is however not a short-term therapy.

Original title: Zur Wirksamkeit bioenergetischer Psychotherapien und Stabilität des Therapieresultats: Eine retrospektive Untersuchung.

Authors: Christa D.Ventling and Urs Gerhard

In: Psychotherapeut 45: p.230-236 (2000)

This report is a retrospective investigation of the efficacy of bioenergetic therapies given to adults in a private practice setting and also a study of the stability of the therapeutic result achieved. In the spring of 1997 a total of 16 bioenergetic therapists (6 of them medical doctors and 10 psychologists), all CBTs of the Swiss Society of Bioenergetic Therapists (SGBAT), provided upon request a number of data on 319 patients who had terminated their therapies after a minimum of 20 sessions 6 months to 6 years earlier. The data included among others age, sex, hours of therapy, main character structure according to Lowen and ICD-10 diagnosis. A self-evaluating questionnaire was then constructed, to be answered anonymously, and sent to these 319 patients in late summer 1997; 290 of them could be reached and 149 (49%) answered and returned the questionnaire. It contained questions related to the psychic and physical condition, to interpersonal and psychosomatic problems, and to the effect of body work on physical consciousness, cognitive insights and changes of the quality of life.


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