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IIBA Awards 2017

The International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA), to celebrate its 60 years and in occasion of the next Conference in Toronto (24-28 May, 2017), decided to set up for the first time in the history of Bioenergetic Analysis, three awards that will have a dual function.

Firstly, to recognize all the work that our members are doing in the world to spread Bionenergetic Analysis, but also to bring out the excellence that sometimes is hidden but can be considered "rough" diamonds to be forged, so that together we can contribute to the innovative vision of Bioenergetic Analysis.

It's a very important job that involves more experienced therapists, who deal with research or social projects, communicate and collaborate together accompanying and recognizing the growth of those who are still in training. So the particularity of this project therefore seems to consist precisely in the collective work that allows our communities to grow, where the expertise is shared at different levels in order to reach the same goal which is the common good of BA.

There was a long process in the IIBA BOT to build this dimension, to define the criteria that would ensure the scientific vision and avoid any bias. That's why we preferred anonymity and the double-blind system, where examiners (referees) do not know the name of the candidate or the fact that they are examining the same application.

Therefore, what we think is of great value is the symbolic aspect of the initiative, which aims to create a community that works together to build a more scientific study of our paradigm.

These awards were:

  • Award for Research Proposal (€ 500 & Conference Registration Fee)
  • Award for Clinical Work (€ 500 & Conference Registration Fee)
  • Award for Social Work (€ 500 & Conference Registration Fee)

We received:

  • 4 Papers for Research
  • 4 Papers for Clinical Work
  • 5 Papers for Social Work

This was very good result, that proved the interest and smartness of our members who involved themselves in a scientific, rather than agonistic, competition.

Special thanks goes to:

  • Pilar Llobregat, former IIBA Administrator, who collected all the papers, giving them anonymity and delivering them to the 3 coordinators.
  • The 3 coordinators: Garry Cockburn, Josette van Luytelaar, Cristina Piauhy.
  • the referees: Rebeca Lea Berger, Maê Nascimento and Margit Koemeda-Lutz (Research); Ana Krsul, Maryse Doess, Miriam Bergamini Mantau, Danita Hall, Christoph Helferich, Thomas Heinrich (Clinical Work); Grace Wanderley De Barros Correia, Jim Elniski, Léia Maria De M. Cardenuto (for the Social Work)
  • and last but not least, all the applicants, that made this process so rich.

◎ Papers for Research

◎ Papers for Clinical Work

Papers for Social Work

Winners of the IIBA Awards 2017

 IIBAAward2017 Research

 “The efficacy of Bioenergetic Analysis psychotherapy”

by Robin Goldstein, Jan Parker, Brenda Shook, Charles Tatum

IIBAAward2017 Clinical

“Increasing Resources for bioenergetics. The sphere; a motherified object”

by Julia Cegatti, Letizia Polosecki

IIBAAward2017 Social

“Meeting point with black women and men”

by Maria Cristina Francisco

Thank you all, your contribution has been very precious for Bioenergetic Analysis.



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