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BA and gender love sex relationshipBioenergetics and Gender, Love, Sex, Relationship

In the last decades, the world of psychotherapy has deeply enriched its knowledge of human beings thanks to infant research, attachment theory and neuroscience, etc.
In the same time, people from women and civil rights movements and from the LGBTQR world struggled to conquer the right to their own subjectivity of existence; against a conventional view of life (that measures all aspects) from the Caucasian male perspective.
This has deeply changed the psychotherapy approach to what is to be considered healthy and what is not, and allows us to support our clients better than in the past.
Our new e-book presents a collection of articles summarized how today Bioenergetic Analysis looks at the themes of gender, relationship, sexuality and love.

This collection of articles is written from personal and professional experiences, as well as case studies and exercises focused on Bioenergetics and Gender, Love, Sex, Relationship.

With contributions by: M. Rosaria Filoni, Elaine Tuccillo, Rossana Colonna, Diana Guest, Virginia Wink Hilton, Garet Bedrosian, Patrizia Moselli, Monica Monteriù, Paola Bacigalupo, Helen Resneck-Sannes and Fina Pla Vila

Eds M. Rosaria Filoni
International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (ed.)

Available in 3 electronic formats (click on icon to get your copy)

pdf 1 s          mobi 3 s            epub 2 s           Italy Italian version click here

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BA and gender love sex relationship s


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