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DOI: https://bioenergetic-analysis.com/issue/view/0743-4804-2009-1

Letter from the Editor | Vincentia Schroeter 

Memorial Note: On the passing away of Alexander LowenVincentia Schroeter

So Which Body Is It?Angela Klopstech | Keywords: Body concepts, relationality, multiple body perspective, body metaphor

Borderline Character Structure Revisited | Vincentia Schroeter | Keywords: Borderline, dissolution panie, cooperation, rageful, boundaries

Rekindling Pleasure: Seven Exercises for Opening your Heart, Reaching Out and Touching GentlyBennett Shapiro | Keywords: Heart, reaching, touching, pleasure, energetic, exercises

Helping Children Discharge Negative AggressionDennis McCarthy | Keywords: Discharge, pulsation, sandplay, filter, monster

The Role of Bioenergetic Supervision in Bioenergetic TrainingAlex Munroe | Keywords: Bioenergetic analysis, psychotherapy, supervision, social work, training

A Bioenergetic Clinical Case Study of SarahD. Emma Rhoads | Keywords: Study, transference, countertransference, bioenergeticstudy, transference, countertransference, bioenergetic analysis

Personal Musings on Countertransference In the Context of Becoming A Bioenergetic Analyst | Jacqueline Mills | Keywords: Counter transference, shame, narcissistic wound, projective identification, wounded healer


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