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This book is a selection of articles from Bioenergetic Analysis, that range from classical studies written in the Eighties (following Lowen) up to current theoretical contributions and case studies. The more recent articles connect the concepts of relational psychoanalysis with the findings from emotion and infant research, attachment theory as well as neurobiology. The integration of implicit knowing and the importance for including the body in the therapy process is evident in these articles.

The articles demonstrate the broad spectrum of the prevailing concepts and profound therapeutic modalities of Bioenergetic Analysis. Case studies illustrate the concepts and provide practical relevance.

Central themes of the book are: the Self in relation with others, sexuality and love, trauma, psychosomatics as well as the conceptual discussion of the therapeutic process. Studies on effectiveness of Bioenergetic Analysis and body psychotherapy in general complete the spectrum.

With articles by Carol Bandini, Scott Baum, John M. Bellis, David Berceli, Herbert Bertschi, Gabriella Buti-Zaccagnini, Jörg Clauer, Violaine de Clerck, Michèle Dupuy-Godin, Maryanna Eckberg, Us Gerhard, Vita Heinrich-Clauer, Philip M. Helfaer, Martin Kaschke, Angela Klopstech, Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Robert A. Lewis, Alexander Lowen, Elizabeth C. Murray, DIvna Peric-Todorovic, Helen Resneck-Sannes, Dirk Revenstorf, Thomas Scherrmann, Bennet Shapiro, Ulrich Soeder, Ulrich Sollmann, Guy Tonella, Elaine Tuccillo, Josette van Luytelaar, Christa D. Ventling, Arist von Schlippe, Halko Weiss and Virginia Hilton.

 Editor: Vita Heinrich-Clauer
Publisher: edition psychosozial
539 pages - Format: 148 x 210 mm

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