1. Somatopsychic Unconscious Processes and their Involvement in Chronic Relational Trauma: Somatic Transference and its Manifestation in Relational, Family, and Power Dynamics
    -Elaine Tucillo-

2. Bioenergetic Stool Work in the Lying Down Position and Star-like Life Energy Pulsation
    -Margherita Giustiniani-

3. "Seeing what is so simply présent" - Learning to be a Bioenergetic Therapist
    -Garry Cockburn-

4. Lowen's Energy Concept: A Neurobiological Explanation and Redefinition
    -Christa D. Ventling-

5. The Merciless God of Gravity and the Organism's Humble Reply
    -Arild Hafstad-

6. (Book Review) Self Cure: You Can Do More for Yourself than Your Doctor Can
-Virginia Wink Hilton-

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