The Trauma of Cephalic Shock: Clinical Case Study in Which a Portuguese Man-of-War Faces the Jaws of Death and thereby Reclaimes His Bodily Self (his heart and soul)
Robert Lewis

Trauma and Recovery
Marvin H. Berman

Cerebral Hemorrhage and  Friendship
Charles Lustfield

Susan Downe

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Putting the Pieces Back Together pdf
Louise Fréchette   

Zoé de Frietas

Crying and Violence: An Example of the Use of Bioenergetic Body Work
Alice Kalen Ladas

Working With Sexually Abused People: How to deal with these Clients
Dorte Laschinsky   

Susan Downe

Emotional First Aid: Healing a Birth-Trauma pdf
Silja Wendelstadt

Vicarious Traumatization: Prevention and Care pdf
Barbara E. Davis

The Unacceptable Horror of the Inconceivable
Pierre Rothschild

The Bonds of Love: Psychoanalysis, Feminism and the problem of domination by Jessica Benjamin
Concepcio Garriga i Seto
The Catalan Society Journal
Concepció Garriga i Seto
Relational Perspectives on the Body Eds. Lewis Aron and Frances Sommer Anderson
Lucia Kellar
Therapists at Risk by Laurence E. Heges, Robert Hilton, Virginia Wink Hilton, O. Brandt Caudell, Jr.
Vincentia Schroeter


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