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Featured IIBA Events

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Our IIBA International Conferences are held in rotating continents (Europe, North America & Latin America) on a biennal basis.

The scope of our IIBA International Conferences focuses on Bioenergetic Analysis:

  • The conferences help set the directions for the future development of Bioenergetic Analysis, and you need to be part of that process! We hope to see you there!
  • Insightful keynote presentations
  • Interactive workshops
  • Networking opportunities
  • A members-only meeting
  • Exiting party and reception to cap off the days
  • Pre-conference sessions to take your knowledge to the next level
  • And much more

What we really want to emphasise is that they are the ideal places for reconnecting with the members of the IIBA and with all the friends and colleagues.

Our IIBA International Conferences include:

  1. Plenary sessions
    In the plenary sessions, we have both external experts and people from within our community keynote speeches. We always facilitate discussions among all conference participants.
  2. Panel discussions
    There are expert panels that reflect both on the past and future of Bioenergetic Analysis.
  3. Afternoon workshops
    Our IIBA International Conferences count on more than 30 workshops each. Our Conferences are not just conferences! It is about interactive learning in practical workshops!
  4. Emeritus interviews
    We offer casual conversations with our most senior members in one or two evenings that allow each of them to share both professional insights and personal memories.
  5. Social events
    Every IIBA International Conference starts with an Opening Ceremony and finishes with a Closing Ceremony. We organize presentations of where the event is taking place, history or something typical of the location. The gala dinner is our key social event. All our gala dinners are memorable evenings of networking, good food, a lot of dancing and inspiration!

During the days before the main Conference we also provide:

  • Training Days
    Our 2-days Training Days can benefit students who may have missed a training workshop in their regular Training Program and would want to make up for this missed workshop. We usually offer one workshop with focus on a pre-clinical theme, for students who are in the pre-clinical level and another workshop which focuses on a clinical theme, for students who have reached the clinical level.
  • Pre-conference Workshops
    The Pre-conference Workshops are sessions thought for taking your knowledge to the next level.


… Every two years a wellspring of vitalizing energy, manifested in many ways, is created in the form of the IIBA International Conference. Each time I have attended and participated, I have felt deeply grateful for having made the journey. …
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan
San Diego, CA, USA
CBT since 1993


The IIBA Professional Development Workshop (PDW) rotates continents in the same manner as the International IIBA Conference. The PDW is held on the years opposite the International IIBA Conference

There are 3 tracks accommodating all participants from advanced trainees to experienced therapists and trainers.

  • Track 1: is for newly graduated CBTs and those preparing for graduation. The focus will be to examine your own issuesis for newly graduated CBTs and those preparing for graduation. The focus will be to examine your own issuesrelated to the theme and explore the impact on your work as you develop new and creative ways to work withthese issues. Supervision of your work with clients is also an option.
  • Track 2: is for CBTs with four or more years post-certification. The issues explored in this track could come out ofis for CBTs with four or more years post-certification. The issues explored in this track could come out ofsupervision sessions done in the group, or content brought in by presenters or the leader(s) of the group. Includedin this will be careful attention to the management of transference processes and the nature and effect of countertransferenceon the therapeutic process.
  • Track 3:  is for Supervisors, Local Faculty and International Faculty applicants, who are interested in experiential learningis for Supervisors, Local Faculty and International Faculty applicants, who are interested in experiential learningabout supervising and teaching this theme. The workshop will be a process group with a focus on supervision andcounter-transference issues in bioenergetics, related to the theme of the workshop. You will explore how to teachthe theme, ie creating introductory material, developing relevant experiential exercises and working withtransference and counter-transference.

Group themes include advanced considerations about:

  • transference and countertransference,
  • supervision of participants and other case material,
  • teaching theory and practice.

The work is of an intensive experiential and supervisory nature.

There are opportunities for those interested in application as IIBA Faculty to develop their skill as teachers and to be seen and evaluated by members of the Selection Committee.

The program includes large group sessions presented by the staff of the workshop or from faculty applicant participants. In the small groups, topics will be processed through personal experience and exercises.

The PDW is a great occasion for all participants to practice and to learn more as they are supervised in their clinical work, to share with colleagues from many different places, to attend theoretical presentations (or present if required), and to be supported and helped in their professional development in a safe, secure and empathetic atmosphere.

Language spoken: The language is English although the IIBA Faculty Members may speak French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese as well. We encourage participants from all countries and we know from past experience that participants can help each other with translation. Depending on the number of participants, simultaneous translation is provided (to be confirmed by the PDW Committee).

Travel information: When making travel plans please take into account that the workshop begins at 1 PM on the first day, and end on the fith day around 12 am. This time schedule may vary, so please contact the IIBA Back-Office for current information.

Have a look over PDW conditions and past editions (2010 to 2018)    PDW Cover PastEditions


The home place of Bioenergetic Analysis.

The IIBA is a member of
USABP and of  EABP

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  International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis
   C/ dels Ametllers, 6
             08670 Navàs - Barcelona
  +34 623 56 32 47
  Working days - Western Europe time (UTC+2)


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