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New Call 2024: Incentive for the research and production of scientific literature in the Bioenergetic Analysis Community

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The IIBA Research Committee, supported by the BOT, invites the Bioenergetic Analysis community to participate in the call to stimulate the strengthening of scientific communication in the area of ​​Bioenergetic Analysis, as well as scientific production in the area through financial incentives for different initiatives that support the strengthening of the research culture and dissemination of scientific knowledge of Bioenergetic Analysis.

Who can participate?

Institutions or professionals (affiliated to IIBA) may submit requests for financial support. In the case of the local society, the name of the candidate must be a representative of the group. Proposals may also be in collaboration with a university or other body.

How can I submit a proposal?

Orders can be placed with the following categories/purposes:

Research (30 thousand) 

  • A) Intervention in crises or short-term therapies
  • B) Case studies; Meta-Analysis of Case Studies
  • C) Guidelines for different health problems (e.g. eating disorder, panic, depression, anxiety). Development of specifc bioenergetic intervention modules
  • D) Re-analyzing the data from the Swiss Study PAP-S so that the effectiveness of Bioenergetic therapies as compared to the Other 9 approaches be demonstrated 

Scientific Communication (5 thousand – 2,5 thousand for each category)

  • E) Financial support to scientific journals managed by Bioenergetic Analysis institutions;
  • F) Financial support for the scientific publication of studies and research in Bioenergetic Analysis that require translation and/or funding for publication in a journal with a high international impact factor in the health area.

What is the amount of financial support?

  • The amount of financial support can vary from 1,000 to 10,000 USD/EUR for research proposals.
  • And from 500 to 1500 USD/EUR for scientific communication proposals.

How to make the proposal?

A written presentation of the work or proposal that must not exceed 5.000 words for the Research Proposals (word limits exclude bibliography); 3.000 words for Financial support to Scientific journals; and; The proposal for financial support for the translation and publication of studies and research must only attach the article/document to be published.

The cover page must be submitted in Word format and in English. The name of the candidate must appear only on the Cover Sheet of the application. Proposals for category A, B, C and D must be submitted in English and optionally can be sent in the original language. Proposal E, when it involves a translation request, must contain at least the abstract in English.

Please submit your proposal by filling in the google form.

(Category A,B, C and D) for research proposal

  1. Summary 
  2. Introduction for the purpose of research
  3. The methodology to be used
  4. The proposed sample
  5. The tools to be used
  6. The proposed time frame for the research project.
  7. Expected results to be obtained or partial results already found.
  8. Bibliography

(Category E) Research proposal and financial support to Scientific journals

  1. Introduction with Presentation of the scientific journal and its objectives.
  2. Current status of the scientific journal and results
  3. Goals to be achieved with financial support
  4. Budget forecast of expenses with the requested resource

(Category F) proposal for translation and/or publication

  1. Attach the article/document you want to translate and/or publish.
  2. The abstract must be in English.

General information

  • All actions provided for in the orders must be able to be executed within 1 year.
  • Estimated cost 35000 EUR (maximum value) Different initiatives will be funded.
  • The evaluation committee of submitted proposals may be composed of members of the Research Committee, as well as indications given by BOT members from IIBA affiliates with technical capacity from different societies around the world.
  • For questions you can contact us by email:

Deadline for submissions: March 25, 2024.


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